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Muscle pains are very annoying, but not everyone has the opportunity to go to a massage institute to calm them down. On the other hand, there is a greater possibility of obtaining this Vibraluxe pro massager . It is a professional and efficient device that overcomes all body pain, and even acts on cellulite. Although its positive effects are known to everyone, it is important that everyone has a clear idea of ​​this device.

Vibraluxe ProCan we recommend the Vibraluxe pro massager?

Yes ! We can recommend it. It comes with multiple massage heads that adapt to all parts of the body, even those that seem accessible. Moreover, it is not a very expensive device, because its value for money is still at an affordable threshold. This equipment is not easy to handle, of course, but at least the intensity of the massage is adjustable according to the pain felt. Its positive action on the body is well established. The Vibraluxe Pro relieves a lot of pain and makes the skin even more beautiful. However, it weighs a lot, is noisy, and usually overheats after long use. So, know what to expect with this device.

In recent years, I have built a career as a renowned sales agent . In my most recent project, I presented the Vibraluxe pro to potential customers. So, as required by the commercial approach, I had to first study its characteristics in order to master them with my fingertips. This is what I actually did, so much so that I always presented it with particular ease, even though I had never used it. But after a few months, I got one to relieve pain in my hips. It actually brought me great relief, but also improved a lot of anatomical parameters. So I recommend it not as a sales agent, but as a satisfied user.

Adjustable intensity

The action of Vibraluxe Pro is a treatment . Therefore, not everyone will follow it at the same pace. Moreover, it is on purpose that the manufacturer has provided a control knob for the intensity of the power. Each user has their own requirements, some will want to work at an accelerated pace, while others will want to crescendo. It should be noted that for a start, it is better to give massages at a slow pace, in order to allow the skin to get used to this action. It is over time that you can then increase the intensity as you go.

In addition, Vibraluxe Pro has planned that everyone can use this massager, apart of course from the manufacturer’s contraindications which stipulate that this device is prohibited for pregnant women, people with heart problems or physical injuries, and people with a pacemaker, an IUD or a screw. Apart from these restrictions, the Vibraluxe Pro is recommended for both children and adults . As its intensity is adjustable, you can use it as you wish and according to the need you feel.

Adapts to all parts of the body

There are several types of massages. So most of the time, we perform this action depending on the parts of the body. The great innovation of this brand is to be able to massage any part of the body with this device. As it comes with several massage heads, be aware that there will be no parts of your body that cannot be accessed by this device. From head to toe, you will be massaged on both sides with the Vibraluxe Pro. The interesting thing is that usually, you can use it on your own. On the other hand, for parts like the back or the back of the thighs which are not easily accessible, you can ask for help.

The parts most prone to fat are the arms, buttocks and legs. We can therefore say that it is mainly for these parts that the manufacturer has designed such a massager. Its circular shape allows a deep action that reaches even the deepest vessels of the muscles.

Multiple effects on the body

All the positive effects announced for this masseur have been verified in many cases. This advanced massager melts the fat . After testing, over 72% of users reported losing weight. Indeed, it is proven that by using this massager every day for 15 days, you will lose 2 cm around the thigh and buttocks, 6 cm on the abdominal perimeter and up to 1.9 kg in a fortnight.

Vibraluxe Pro also acts on cellulite effectively. So that is to say that if you have parts of your body which are unsightly due to an accumulation of fat, you can trust this device to find smooth and toned skin. In addition, the massage performed by this device promotes blood circulation . Its local action reduces toxins and eliminates orange peel. In just a few days of use, the skin is toned and regains a more beautiful appearance.

This vibration and rotation therapy creates muscle contractions 45 times per second. This results in a considerable improvement in the skin and a palpable relaxation of sensitive areas. You will no longer be able to go to a gym to lose weight or to do relaxing massages. Vibraluxe Pro, through this cutting-edge device , gives you the opportunity to sculpt your dream body in just a few minutes of use per day.

Comes with several accessories

Here we are talking about a massager certainly, but it is not a device that comes alone. It comes with 6 interchangeable massage heads that mount on the main nozzle. Each of its heads have a specific role to play. This is an anti-callus file for the foot, a relaxing anti-stress massage, a shaping and toning massage on the buttocks, thighs and belly, another head for a toning and modeling massage on the arms and hips, a firming massage and a protective veil to put on to massage the shoulders or on certain heads.

Besides these heads, you will also find a massage cream which is in fact an active turbo slimming gel. It is a 200 ml container to apply on the parts to be massaged. It has a soothing action that prepares the pores to obey the action of the massager. This Slim Care formula is specially concocted to act precisely on the pores and on the dermis to produce a relaxing action and a deep massage.

Two booklets are also included in the delivery package of this massager. This is a classic user manual and diet program. This makes it possible to understand that it is also necessary to have a very good hygiene of life to be able to observe the positive effects of this masseur. Also, you will find an ideal storage bag to store all the aforementioned items in case you plan to travel or move around with this device and its accessories.

Good value for money

Since massages are appreciated by all social classes, Vibraluxe Pro thought to put an affordable price for the sale of this massager. Please understand that it doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget or not, you can consider purchasing this device. It’s very interesting that anyone can own a relaxing device.also practical. We must recognize that when we see all the benefits that this machine brings to the body, we are immediately tempted to think that it is very expensive. Nevertheless, it is not the case. Vibraluxe could well have fixed the price of this very expensive device, because it is in great demand. But the low price-performance ratio of this device shows that the brand has set aside its interests to favor its consumers. This remarkable approach is sufficient proof that for the manufacturer, the customer is king. Through this detail you clearly understand that even if you have something to complain about this device, it will not be its price at all.

Difficult to get started

A masseur is not a smartphone after all. What we want here is not an everyday gadget whose use can be well known to most users. It was important that Vibraluxe put a point of honor on the handling of this device. Unfortunately, it is not the case. First, the handle to grab it is thick enough and too small. For this purpose, it is not easy to hold it to perform the massage.

Moreover, the assembly of its heads is not easy. You have to be very technical to assemble them easily and quickly. The worst part is that the user guide is not very explicit on this subject. It was only after several unsuccessful maneuvers and by dint of trying that it was discovered that to remove a massage head, you have to make a quarter turn and lightly pull. To put on a massage head, you just have to do the same thing in reverse. More explanations in the guide could make it easier for users.

Heavy and noisy

You are dealing here with a 1.5 kilogram massager. It is not paper as you can see. You must therefore have enough energy and be persistent to be able to use it regularly. Likewise, you have to be careful when you want to move from one part of the body to another during the massage. If you do it in a rush, your wrist may give way under its heavy weight. One wonders what component gives it this weight, but it is probably its engine. Speaking of its engine, you might as well tell you, it’s noisy. Indeed, it produces a noise which is at the same time a small snoring and a hissing sound. IN fact, it makes almost the same noise as an electric lawn mower. For a device that claims to be the latest technology, these limits should be reviewed. It’s important to know that,

Heats up after long use

As the last limit denoted for this massage device, we will discuss its overheating. The Vibraluxe Pro does overheat when used for a long time. This may be a detail that the manufacturer does not mention in the instructions, but it is better to avoid prolonged use of this device. Otherwise, you will receive bad energy on your skin and this could lead to bruising. In order not to change the color of your skin while doing the massage, we recommend that you do intermittent massages, that is to say at intervals. Since this limit is risky, Vibraluxe would have done better to specify it in the user manual, in order to limit the risk of skin discoloration for users. Unfortunately, some have only understood this from experience.

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Thank you for reading this article

Having touted the interesting properties of the Vibraluxe Pro massager to customers, I myself became a convinced user. Thank you already for reading this article from start to finish I hope it has been useful to you. Remember that this massager will bring you a lot of benefits if you buy it. But first, if you need a final detail, I can give it to you with pleasure. So just leave me a message to my

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