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namcraftedYou often have muscle pain and you don’t know how to relieve it. It gets worse every day, despite all the efforts you put in to make it happen. Well, the solution is now within your reach with the wonderful invention of an electrotherapy device. This is a technique used in particular by physiotherapists to relieve all types of muscle pain. Today,
these devices can be used by individuals without any medical assistance. The electrotherapy urgo example is a simple usage model and programmed in advance for you. You can discover here all the benefits that this device is able to bring you on a daily basis.


Is the urgo electrotherapy patch recommended?

Yes, it is absolutely recommended. It is designed primarily to help people with muscle pain and more. It is also easy to use and does not have any control or adjustment to be made before being able to use it. Its particularity is that it has no side effects on the user’s skin.

It is an economical patch which is reusable several times. Indeed, it does not get damaged the first use; it takes several manipulations to begin to lose its effectiveness. Supplied with all its accessories, it provides immediate pain relief while offering you incredible comfort of use. Although it also has its limitations, it is a gadget that meets the needs of many people.

I am a sports coach in a room that belongs to my brother and for my performance with clients I have no room for mistakes. During a workout, I had knee pain and it lasted for a few days. I bought this urgo electrotherapy device to reduce or even eliminate the pain and I was very surprised by the result. In just a few days of use, my pain was completely gone and I was able to practice the training sessions again. It really worked on that part of the body without me putting in any extra effort. It is light and quite pleasant to use thanks to the adhesive gel that freezes your skin to the touch. I recommend it to everyone, not just athletes because its contribution is universal.

Ease of use

namcraftedUrgo electrotherapy allows you to quickly relieve all your different muscle or joint pains. The device seems difficult and complicated to use when looking at the model on the box, which may discourage many of you. But rest assured, because it is a very simple machine and it is easy to use. Indeed, the device is already ready for use and after buying it you no longer have any complicated settings to make. In addition, it is a non-drug multi-pain solution which does not require professional help to use. You just have to put the urgo electrotherapy on the part of the body to be treated and you wait for it to act smoothly and completely relieve you. During its action on the muscle, you can just increase or decrease its intensity depending on how you feel.

Relieves muscle pain

The main function of this device remains that of reducing pain through a low voltage electric current which acts on the body. But what is quite special is that the device is able to act on several different muscles in your body. Thus, it will not only allow you to cure back pain but also chronic joint pain. We can say that urgo electrotherapy is a multifunction device because it is able to relieve several different pains. That is why it fits everyone. In addition, it adapts perfectly to the area of ​​the body you want to treat. People with chronic joint pain can also use it. You must have this machine at home if you constantly have some pain in your joints.

No side effects

namcraftedDespite all the contraindications that urgo electrotherapy has, it has a peculiarity that other patches may not have: it does not produce any side effects after its use. Moreover, it is a non-drug treatment that is reliable and safe for the user.

Some users do not take the risk of purchasing this device because they are afraid of the negative effects it may have in the long run. Yet, it is a completely harmless device that is not likely to injure you or cause you internal damage. Even in prolonged use,
this urgo electrotherapy offers all the softness your muscles need to relax. You can use this gadget for all your muscle pain without any fear.

Reusable multiple times

This multi-pain solution is the dream of many users because it saves money in the long term. You have the option of using this gadget several times before you can change it. This is not a single-use patch that you will need to purchase for each treatment session. Urgo electrotherapy is solid and works for a very long time before giving up and losing its effectiveness. For more precision, you can use this device up to 60 times and still get the expected result after each use. It is really suitable for people who do not have enough money and who have muscle problems all the time. It is a great asset for this kind of device and many consumers benefit to the maximum.

Supplied with all its accessories

namcraftedThis urgo electrotherapy model needs several accessories for normal and successful operation. Without these accessories, you will not be able to effectively use this device, and it is certainly for this reason that the designer has included everything in the delivery. Indeed, as soon as you order urgo electrotherapy, you are entitled to a fully complete device that does not require any additional purchase. In this delivery set, you are entitled to a silicone gum which is also medical grade with extreme flexibility and finesse that does not attack the skin of the body. A sachet of adhesive gel is also included for a total of 20 uses. It is without forgetting that the designer offers you 02 additional adhesive gel sachets in order to use them as a spare.

Immediate pain-relieving effect

Muscle pain is often caused by fatigue, poor posture, or any other disease that can affect the muscle. But whatever the origin and the cause of the pain, we immediately need to be relieved and stop the pain for good. It is with this in mind that urgo electrotherapy intervenes to give you all the comfort you need at this time. With this device on the spot to be treated, the results are visible in just a few minutes. It acts quickly on the pain and shortens your suffering immediately after putting the patch on the area to be treated. We can say that it is really very effective because it acts on the nerve fibers of the painful area and prevents the pain from rising to the spinal cord and the brain.

Programmable device

namcraftedThe ease of use of this device is truly remarkable because it is already programmed in advance by the designer to relieve your pain. It acts on a predefined time depending on the type of pain and the treatment area. It dispenses treatments of 20 minutes each, the time for the current delivered to pass through the skin through the adhesive gel. Urgo electrotherapy, therefore, does not require you any additional effort before reaching a positive result. In addition, it alternates itself on the skin every 2 minutes in a continuous and discontinuous mode during the session. It is almost an automatic device that adapts to the skin as it goes, depending on the ailment to be treated.

Adjustable intensity

The only action that electrotherapy allows you to do freely during its use is to adjust its intensity. Since the patch is already programmed in advance, it adapts to the skin according to your needs. But if you feel that the device vibrates too much and makes you uncomfortable, you can decide to decrease the intensity. The device has a button with a “+” and “-” indication that you will press until you get an effect that is not going to be painful or unpleasant for you. If the intensity can be lowered, it can also be increased for people who need more force from the device. The intensity ranges from 0 to 15 to allow you to choose the density that suits you perfectly and allows you to have immediate relief.

Age of use limited

Obviously, like any other urgo electrotherapy device also has small shortcomings. It is a device which unfortunately does not correspond to everyone and which even goes as far as the age limit. This is because it cannot be used by people under the age of 16 because the muscles are not yet strong enough to withstand such vibrations. Only adults can fully benefit from the benefits of this device. It’s quite limited and it’s a shame because anyone can suffer from muscle pain regardless of age. But with this model, it is clear that the designer does not want to cause physical harm to people of a certain age in any way.

Too many contraindications

Several devices related to muscle have prohibitions in order to protect the ligaments. But when these prohibitions are numerous, it creates doubts as to the reliability and safety of the device. Urgo electrotherapy is a device that is really effective and manages to relieve your pain in a short time. However, it has an endless number of contraindications that can even discourage a user. All these contraindications are clearly indicated in the user manual of the device. This is why it is very important to start by reading the instructions for this device before starting any session. Only, these prohibitions can lead to believe that this device is a danger for the body of the user.

Not suitable for all areas of the body

This device is powerful enough to solve several muscle pain problems in a short space of time. But the problem is that it is not suitable for all parts of the body even if you have pain in those places. Indeed, urgo electrotherapy should not be used on any part of the body otherwise it will have a negative effect on the area to be treated and on the entire body of the user. In the end, this device is a little complicated and requires a lot of caution not to have the opposite effect to that desired. However, everyone would like to have this kind of device at home to relieve all muscle pain on a daily basis. Alas, it does not go all over the sore body areas.

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Thank you for reading this article

This urgo electrotherapy patch is undoubtedly the best device to relieve all your muscle pain. Without side effects, it will act on the painful area to quickly reduce your pain gently and without effort on your part. It is very easy to use because it is programmed in advance and has 15 adjustable intensity levels according to your needs. The device is comfortable and does not require any position required to be used. It’s quite handy because you can use it lying, sitting, or standing. Either way, the effect will be the same. You can therefore put your patch on the area to be treated and go about other occupations while the device does the rest. For more information write to me at  contact@namcrafted.com



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