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As water is the main component of the human body and one of the most important sources of minerals and trace elements, drinking better has become a major health concern around the world. Whether it’s sparkling water or a soft drink, you should always quench your thirst. Only many of you drink several carbonated drinks on a daily basis, the composition of which you do not really understand and which slowly kills you. Today, it is finally possible to stop consuming these products which sometimes contain chemicals and to make a natural drink at home thanks to sodastream., a soda machine used to transform any drink and any juice into a soft drink. It is a real revolution that will allow everyone to respond to many of our concerns.

Is SodaStream recommended?

Obviously yes, this machine is even highly recommended. Due to the many advantages, they offer not only in terms of use but also in terms of consumption. This machine is a nice surprise because although it is a bit large, it does not take up much space on the worktop, since it is all high. In terms of design, it is really pretty with clean lines.
In addition, it saves electricity since it does not work with an electrical outlet, it is a fully manual machine. With its integrated concentrates, it will allow you to have all kinds of carbonated drinks at will, we can mention among other sparkling water, coca-cola, cocktails, and many others.

During the summer periods, the sparkling water leaves at an incalculable speed at home. Because it’s extremely hot and I believe that we drink at least one pack per week if not more. So, necessarily going shopping becomes a nightmare for me, without forgetting that it weighs heavily in terms of budget, especially since for the moment, I am a stay-at-home mom. That’s why as soon as I heard about this SodaStream, I didn’t hesitate to buy it to see if it could reduce my daily ordeal. To my surprise, this machine turned out to be more efficient than I expected. She solved all my problems since she is even able to carbonate tap water. I can tell you that this is such a useful and eco-friendly device that everyone should have in their home, I have no regrets for purchasing it.

Reduces sugar consumption

namcraftedCommercial drinks have the reputation of being very sweet, and therefore quite high in calories. Even if you are not following a slimming diet, you must be able to dose the amount of sugar as you wish for better health, and this is what the concentrates of this SodaStream machine offer, which also includes a light range without sugar. Carbonated water has digestive virtues well known to all, thanks to the transformation of carbon dioxide into bicarbonates and the positive effects of the latter on digestion. So, when making your own sparkling water and sodas becomes both extremely easy and very fun, it would be wrong to do without. Especially since it gives you the possibility of controlling the level of sugar you consume, introducing it yourself during the manufacture. Letting your kids drink soda whenever they want will no longer be a problem for you. Because, all you need is tap water, gas and syrups, so that you get sparkling water as well as not too sweet and delicious sodas for all your family. However, if a glass of sparkling water is welcome with the meal,


More and more consumers are paying attention to the impact of their consumption on the environment. In fact, sodas in cans or bottles pose enough recycling problems, and not everyone has recycling possibilities at hand. These machines thus help to fight against pollution, because most of the distributors of SodaStream offer a system of return/exchange of gas cylinders. The principle is to return your empty cylinder to the manufacturer who will fill it up again for you, which solves the problem of recycling it. By virtue of its capacity of use, a gas cylinder saves around 40 1.5 liter bottles or 180 cans. Tap water is also extracted and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Since it is not necessary to transport it by truck over long distances. It passes directly through the network of pipes and a few hours later, it arrives very fresh in your households. It is much more environmentally friendly than water purchased, bottled, stored, and often transported long distances.


namcraftedNo one can deny that constantly buying soda bottles is a huge strain on the budget. No mother can ignore the important part that these purchases of carbonated water from stores represent in the food budget, not to mention the many adults who are addicted to it. Even if the acquisition of a SodaStream is not an easy task since the cost of the device is a little high, in the long term, its use ends up being extremely economical. With this SodaStream, you simply turn tap water into sparkling water or soda. The expense that this represents is only on the level of ingredients. When we know that the cost price of a liter of sparkling water is around 20 cents, and that of a liter of soda does not exceed 70 cents, it is easy to calculate the daily savings.

After opening a bottle of store-bought soda, you must consume it fairly quickly or you may lose its gas and taste. This is not likely to happen with your SodaStream since it allows you to prepare only the desired amount. It is a device that is also economical in terms of the consumption of electrical energy. The SodaStream works without batteries or electricity, but rather with mechanical action. This is the first thing that jumps out in the eyes of many consumers. With this SodaStream, you benefit from 100% energy savings.

Simple and practical use

With this machine, no more buying water and soda packs in supermarkets, especially if each member of the family has a marked taste for a particular flavor. In addition, between their weight, the dust with which they are often coated, and the space required for their storage, you will be really happy to be rid of this chore. The SodaStream has a very simple operation that even a child can use it. Manipulation of a few seconds makes it possible to obtain sparkling water. All you have to do is fill the bottle with tap water to the level indicated, screw it into the machine and then press the button releasing the CO2.

The amount of bubbles is adjustable, to allow the sparkling water to be adapted to one’s personal taste. For the soda, it is prepared by adding a dose of the concentrate supplied with the machine to the sparkling water previously made. You can, if you wish, use syrup that you have bought in a supermarket. With the fun side of this machine, you can indulge your own trials, offering your guests scent blends that are not commercially available, which is quite rewarding. You can also gather your family around the SodaStream so that everyone can make their suggestions about what they would like to consume. Children who like this concept will be happy to do it with you.

Large choice of fragrance

namcraftedThe SodaStream machine offers a large number of flavors that it is difficult to list them all here. With its collection of fragrances and aromas, there is something for everyone. From cola to alcohol-free mojito syrup, you can make your lemonade at home. It also has a wide range of syrups, so you can choose the scent you like the most. These different flavors will help you make your sodas very simple and please your whole family. No more imposing a perfume on a person because of a lack of variety. The machine has three degrees of carbonation, which will make it easier for you to choose between a light or strong carbonated drink.

Attractive design  

This machine was designed from a plastic material. It weighs around 1.4 kg, which gives you the option of carrying or unlacing it easily around the house. The pack consists of a carbonating machine, a cylinder of food CO2, and a PET bottle of at most 1 liter. You will not need to purchase mineral water since the device is made for tap water use. Its design is quite modern, with a sleek hull and a multiple choice of color. You have them in red, white, gray, blue, with 15 cm wide, 22 cm deep, and 42 cm high, which will take up less space in your kitchen due to its height. It has a saturation indicator that engages when it reaches its limits.

This indicator system is able to terminate the process once it feels that the desired limit has been reached. It has a Snap & Lock system that allows you to easily clip the carbonating bottle for even more practical use. You also have the carbonation level of the bottle which is displayed via backlit drops by light indicators perfectly integrated into the design of your SodaStream. The last aspect of this machine which is quite pleasing is that it has an Auto lift option, which automatically stabilizes the carbonating bottle.

Rather a high cost of CO2 refills

There is no doubt that this machine has everything to seduce, but the price of CO2 cylinder refills is a brake for those who have plans to buy this soda stream. They are quite expensive, between 15 and 30 euros, knowing that a bottle is only enough to make 60 liters of weakly carbonated drink. It’s not hard to imagine that you might need it regularly, especially if you are a heavy drinker of sparkling water. In addition, it is not even easy or obvious to find the top-ups when you live outside the big cities, even if you have put enough money aside to buy them.

In addition, you have the possibility of making CO2 cylinder exchanges and of recharging and paying only for gas, in this way you can recharge at a better price than if you had to buy each time another cylinder of CO2 cylinder. . For those who have several children, this machine will certainly be beneficial for all the drinks it can offer you, but you will be disappointed to buy a CO2 cylinder every day to be able to carbonize your sodas. Especially when you have a very wide choice of the carbonation rate that is easy to program.

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Thank you for reading this article

I hope you enjoyed this article, and this product because I am a fan of it. With this machine you will no longer need to carry heavy packs like stones, you will have less plastic waste and less organization. Finally, enjoy life while consuming your energy drinks the way you like them, any time of the day. Without connection or batteries, it is a simple and intuitive machine to use in addition to the beautiful ranges of concentrates that it offers. In any case, I will reply to the address

  if you have any impressions to send me, or if you have not fully understood everything and have concerns.


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