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You used to admire your figure in front of the mirror. Today, this accessory is your worst enemy. What changed? It may be that over time you have gained a few pounds and your skin has become saggy. Suddenly, you don’t like your appearance anymore. Men and women alike, everyone can have to sag on a particular part of their body.
If your case is precisely the buttocks, the Bottom Slendertone shorts can tone it up again and give it its rigid structure of yesteryear. Find in this article the characteristics of these shorts that you can use to the full.

Are the Bottom Slendertone shorts recommended?

Yes, we can recommend these shorts to all people who want to restore tone to their buttocks. It has several toning levels and its use saves you a lot of time. Although being quite an expensive device, it is clinically proven to generate palpable results after just a few weeks of use. Also, it is a unisex short that fits both men and women.
It is even worn like normal shorts and offers great comfort. As proof, several film and music celebrities have resorted to it after childbirth to tone their buttocks muscles. In short, there are plenty of reasons to recommend the Bottom Slendertone Shorts.

When I had my second son, it was difficult for me to balance my job, my housework, my baby, and sports. So my skin remained saggy during my breastfeeding period and even well after. Mom of 2 children, I didn’t even have the courage to put on a swimsuit at the beach. So the moment came when I decided to put an end to my discomfort. My first action was to strengthen my buttocks. Since I didn’t have enough time to hit the gym, I opted for Bottom Slendertone shorts on the advice of a friend. After a few weeks, I was amazed. My butt was firmer and it didn’t affect my skin. I could not believe my eyes. When asked if I can recommend it to other people, I answer with a big “Yes”.

Offers great comfort

It is with an ultra-soft textile that Slendertone designed these toning shorts. It is indeed composed of an ultra-soft material that does not irritate the skin, which is called elastane.
So, once you put on these shorts, be sure you won’t be cramped. Specially made for intensive sports use, the manufacturer has therefore taken into account that you could spend several hours in this sportswear. In addition, this textile is treated against dust mites. Understand by this that even if you sweat on it because that’s what will happen, you will not be prey to itching or an eruption of small buttons at the level of the crotch. Elastane is also a textile that obeys movement well. So, know now that you will be comfortable with these Slendertone toning shorts in any position.

Several toning programs

In principle, when you observe a sagging skin in certain places of the body, it should be done very gently so that everything returns to normal. It is precisely for this reason that Slendertone has incorporated several toning programs into these shorts. You have at least 4 programs that you can use at will depending on the degree of sagging skin. There is also a warm-up and cool-down phase that you can turn on and off as you wish. From its remote control, you can control its 99 intensity levels depending on whether you follow an accelerated or rather a slow pace. There is not even a chance that you cannot find satisfaction with these shorts because everything has been put in place so that you can always keep a firm skin and a shapely butt.

Rechargeable remote control

These toning shorts are controlled by a remote control that connects from a USB port provided for this purpose. But what you need to know about this accessory is that it can discharge itself. It is therefore impossible to use these shorts without a remote control. On the other hand, you can easily recharge it from an AC outlet with a USB adapter. In addition, for more convenience, you can plug the USB input into a laptop to recharge it. Do not think that you will have to do several recharges in a day, because the remote control’s battery is powerful enough to store enough energy and be useful throughout the day. We are sure you will find it extremely practical.

Quick and palpable results

The most disheartening thing about devices like the Bottom Slenderton Shorts is that results are often slow in coming. However, you can confirm that this is not the case with this device. Already, it has undergone several clinical tests before being put on the market. Therefore, its effectiveness is proven and proven. Note that using these shorts will give you results as early as 4 weeks. And when it comes to results, it is not minimal results. You can even have fun filming your butt before and after using these panties and you will see that there is a very big difference. Do you want a real solution against sagging buttocks? Well, you just found her!


To find firm skin naturally while playing sports, you will need to devote several hours a week in the gym or on the sports machines. We still have to see how quickly you do it. Or you can take it easy with the Slenderton Toning Shorts. You might not know it, but 30 minutes of workout in these shorts equals 60 glute exercises. At first glance, it’s true that it’s a little hard to believe, but with a little clarification, everything will be clearer. In reality, this toning garment is in phase with a remote control which allows triggering muscle electrostimulation, which causes the muscle to be put to work and as a result, the skin adapts a firmer and more rigid texture.

Unisex shorts

Here are shorts that are suitable for both men and women. You had to think about it! Slendertone really broke new ground with this aspect, as most of the time we tend to divide the sports equipment for women and men. What is true is that you will have some difficulty finding your size if you are not between 36 and 40, but it is still a unisex device. The fact that these toning shorts are unisex also has an economic advantage in that if you are a couple and have the same problem with sagging buttocks, you will be able to buy this device for both of you. As a result, even a couple can use it very well without a problem. It couldn’t be denied that its unisex side is practical on many levels.


To exercise the muscles, they are very often subjected to heavy loads. But to work your gluteal muscles, know at first glance that it will be complicated to make them carry heavy loads, and even, it is not recommended. So Slenderton has found the best way to strengthen your butt without having to impose a high weight on it. These are shorts. Yes, toning shorts that you can wear like regular shorts, the only difference being that they have a USB port that communicates with the handheld remote. What interests us most here is that this accessory does not weigh at all. First, its manufacturing fabric is super light and its total weight with the included electrodes is only 142 grams.

EMS technology

Another thing that is a real asset with this toning panty is that it comes with EMS technology. It is an innovative technology that stimulates the muscle-building of the buttocks through an integrated electrical system. EMS or electro my-stimulation is also a technically proven stimulation technique that exercises all of the gluteal muscles to provide visible results in just 4 to 6 weeks. As a result, the muscles contract, then relax as during a classic abdominal workout.
This powerful stimulation is therefore sufficient enough to target the entire abdominal strap. This EMS technology is, therefore, active thanks to gel pads that you can replace after 20 to 30 work sessions. In addition, the kit of electrodes included in this panty is very practical, because its fixation has been firmly established so that it can last over time. You are probably wondering how you can wash these toning shorts without affecting their electrical system. Well, know that the manufacturer has made arrangements for this. So although it has a built-in muscle stimulation system, you won’t have a hard time washing it off.

Quite expensive

Interested in the Bottom Slendertone shorts? So, be aware that you will have to pay a little over a hundred euros to acquire it. If you find it absurd to have to buy shorts at this price, so do we. It’s true that we’re not talking about ordinary shorts, but that’s not reason enough for Slendertone to raise the price bar so high.
Moreover, a utility device of such wide utility should not be reserved only for one class of society. However, by putting it at this price, the brand restricts the people who can benefit from the effectiveness of these shorts. However, we cannot say that all is lost for those who have no means. The brand can always lower this price in order to benefit all the people who wish to firm their skin,

Few sizes available

What is also a bit annoying with these shorts is that they are not available in several sizes. Indeed, if you do not have a waist size between 36 and 40, you are not having luck with this accessory from Slendertone. In other words, it’s good for firming buttocks, but not all of them. So, if you are overweight you might as well look for other solutions to tone your buttocks.
The same goes for the size of your thighs. Admittedly, the elastane from which these shorts are made is elastic, but not enough. This leads us to infer that these shorts are made for thin people who want to firm their skin. Here’s a detail that leads to thinking that the brand did not take into account the needs of everyone in the design of these toning shorts.

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Thank you for reading this article

The Bottom Slendertone shorts have changed my life. If I feel more beautiful today and more comfortable in beachwear, it is largely thanks to this device. I was particularly seduced by its comfort and rapid efficiency. As for you, it is perhaps another of its characteristics that will hook you. Either way, this article has proven to you that you won’t be making a bad choice in opting for these toning shorts. If a detail is not clear in this pitch, you can email me at  for clarification.


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