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namcraftedPERCKO is an innovative underwear brand, which promotes improving back posture but also helps to treat back pain common in many people today.

PERCKO is a young French start-up founded in 2014 by Quentin Perrodeau and Alexis Ucko. The brand is proving its worth through the Kick Starter platform where 380,000 euros are raised in 7 hours. In 2015, more than 10,000 underwear were marketed, which gave the brand more than a million in turnover. PERKO wants to eradicate one of the most serious health

problems, but often to minimize, which is back pain. The brand wants to inspire people to adopt better back posture. These underwear encourage their technicality to adopt good habits for better support of the back. The quality of the materials and the way they act on the back make the reputation of this brand.

For women, PERKO presents anti back pain underwear in two colors: black and white.

And for men, the anti back pain underwear is in black.

Who am I?

I am an office worker, glued to my computer every day for at least 8 hours. For frequent low back pain, I had to be away from the office several times, which almost cost me my job. I had to be prescribed regular massage sessions and wear lumbar support corsets. These measures are very restrictive.

Is PERCKO underwear also convincing?

Yes, PERCKO technical underwear is effective and useful. They are designed for people with chronic low back pain as well as those who have activities that strain their backs.

Very followed on social networks, and noticed in the world press

namcraftedThere are more than 15,000 to follow and subscribe to the PERCKO Facebook page, and more than 2,400 on Twitter, and 1,000 on Instagram. The French and world press devotes good articles and reports on the quality of the products and the benefits they bring to health.

Customer support with live chat is available for customers on the official website

As soon as the PERCKO site opens, a chat with a manager is open for any information you wish to have. An email address is given for any exchange or refunds, and the head office address is given for any further information: PERCKO 96bis Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.

Innovative and very useful underwear


PERCKO underwear is essential for those who do not have good back posture, who suffer from back pain. Also, in addition to being medical, PERCKO innovates its underwear insofar as it cares about aesthetics and at the same time the comfort of the one who wears them. Fluid and comfortable materials quickly become a second skin so that you no longer feel the presence of the underwear once worn.

They are not suitable for all body types

Unfortunately, underwear is not suitable for all body types, especially women. Indeed, the feminine forms often curved at the level of the hips and the chest, do not fit in the underwear. A size guide is available to better choose the underwear according to sizes and measurements, but the underwear remains unsuitable.

Don’t last over time

These underwear are meant to be an investment, but they don’t last. There is distension in some places after a few months of use. By washing, they wear out quite quickly.

Are relatively expensive

Given the fragility of materials and fibers, but also given the fact that they do not adapt to all body types, the price of underwear is quite high. The high price compared to the competition in this area means that it is not intended for everyone unless necessary.

Thank you for reading this article

As a full-time office worker, my back suffers from hunching over my computer from morning until night. I need heavy medical treatment, which is why wearing technical underwear helps me a lot in my work, and significantly improves my health. So if you have any comments regarding this article send me your criticism at

Thank you so much.

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