Braun Silk-Expert Bd 5009 – Test and review

Braun Silk-Expert Bd 5009 - Test and reviewFinding a suitable device for epilating is often not easy,
since not everyone has the same skin type or the same complexion. And resorting to the wax method is a real pain, especially for those who cannot stand the pain. You will certainly find on the market many devices dedicated to hair removal, each with specific criteria in its genre and according to your different expectations. 

But if you are a very picky person, who wants to get rid of his hair permanently without any pain, quickly and effectively, the Braun Silk-Expert BD5009 epilator is the most suitable. There is the epilator device that will suit you perfectly. So that you are really convinced of this,
read this article carefully which presents the different characteristics that will surely push you to buy it to benefit from its strengths.

Is the Braun Silk-Expert BD5009 epilator recommended?

Obviously it is recommended. It is perfect for people who want to lose hair for a long time. It features Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)which has the role of attacking the hair follicle, more precisely the melanin contained therein so that your hairs disappear. You can use it on the body and face. You will need protective glasses to prevent this light from directly reaching your eyes.
The lamp life is 300,000 flashes for faster and more efficient hair removal. You will not need to make any adjustments because this light automatically adapts to the intensity of your skin tone. You just need to be near an electrical outlet to plug it in and use it with ease. In addition, it comes with an exfoliating brush to complete your entire beauty treatment.

Hair removal for me is something usual since I am a beautician. In order for my work to be more noticeable to my clients, it has to be reflected in my body. I like waxing and I have appropriate devices, but hair regrowth is fast, even with wax. It was during the extensive research that I discovered the Braun Silk-Expert BD5009. I found its characteristics interesting and it is on this momentum that I embarked on its purchase. Yes, it is expensive but worth it.
It does a flawless job and hair regrowth is no longer very evident. Good news! What disappointed me a bit was the fact that it is not suitable for all skin types. Lucky for me I’m brunette to benefit from it as well as some of my clients. I am very satisfied with its results.

For face and body

This epilator is created to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and design. The manufacturer invented it in such a way that it is used by both women and men. This underlines here the fact that he has not abandoned any genre. During its assembly, the manufacturer inserted a professional light technology called “Intense Pulsed Light” (IPL) which allows you to permanently depilate noticeable and unwelcome hairs, without having to leave your home and be worry-free since it has been clinically tested for safe use.

Thanks to this little jewel of beauty, hair removal is done in an uncomplicated period of time and you will be able to say goodbye to hair. It helps to treat the appropriate complexions. However, if your skin tone is too dark, or if you have red, gray, white, or very blonde hair, the device will not work on you. Therefore, you will not have to insist and simply go your way.

Effective and long-lasting action

Braun Silk-Expert Bd 5009 - Test and reviewThis device has been designed to reduce long-term hair regrowth after a certain period of treatment. The vast majority of women who have used have achieved visible results from the 3 rd month and men also confirmed. When you have used it for 12 months, you will find that your hair will not grow as quickly and will fall out on its own. Thus, you can just do a semi-permanent hair removal since the hairs will be less and less visible. You can then go to the pool or the beach with confidence, devoid of your hair since it will give you the results you have wanted for ages.

Semi-complete hair removal

By purchasing this device, it is specified in its instructions which parts of the body to favor for the use of this device. In women, these are the legs, arms, armpits, bikini area and face (below the cheekbones). But you will have to be careful not to direct this depilatory device towards your eyes and your forehead. In this case, you must bring a pair of protective glasses. 

In men, on the other hand,
these are the shoulders, torso, back, arms, stomach and legs. Unlike women, men should not use it on the face, neck and genitals because depilation of facial hair can cause unwanted changes in facial features.

Easy to use and practical

Before using this Braun Silk-expert BD5009 epilator, the instructions included in the package leaflet, including contraindications, warnings, and safety information, should be read very carefully. It has three user guides including normal mode, soft mode, and ultra-soft mode. The first mode, respectively, allows this device to deliver maximum energy levels and adapt to your skin tone.

With the second mode, it adapts to different skin tones as quickly and precisely as if it were in normal mode, the energy level being simply lower. In the third mode, it reduces the energy level to a minimum to adapt to the maintenance phase, to beginners or to hair removal in more sensitive areas. When using it, you should avoid passing it over a mole, scar or tattoo as you risk noticing irreparable damage to your skin.

The art of determining the optimal dose

It is good to know that the Braun Silk-Expert epilator is not for everyone. This means that to use it, you will have to seek advice from a dermatologist to reassure you of its use on your skin. Nevertheless, it is very effective on fair and slightly dark skin tones and in people with dark hair. For its action to be effective, it is preferable that you refer to the table of types of hair color tones which is on the instructions in order to determine whether the device will suit you or not. This beauty device works under the surface of the skin by targeting the melanin contained in the hair follicle and allows the hair regrowth cycle to be interrupted.

It is therefore recommended that you shave before using this device. As you use this epilator continuously and regularly, the energy of the light will prevent unwanted hair from reaching the surface of your skin. It has intelligent “SensoAdapt” skin tone sensors which, before each flash, detect the color of your skin tone and avoid any adjustment. These sensors automatically adapt the light intensity necessary for greater efficiency of hair removal in complete safety.

Additional accessory

The Braun Silk-Expert BD5009 is already carrying out its assigned task. But the manufacturer thought of something else to help him. To complete your beauty regimen by optimizing on a very well-groomed hair removal, he is responsible for introducing into the box of this device an innovative product that further enhances the beauty of your skin.
It is a device with an 
exfoliation system called the Silk-épil SkinSpa brush, which is used on the body to make it more careful and smooth. The latter is four times more efficient so that you can get a very good result and does not require prior adjustment.

Existence of a guarantee

The implicit question that we always have when we want to pay for an electrical device is whether there is a guarantee in order to better experience it and discern if it ever does not spare manufacturing defects or other things. . Regarding the Braun Silk-Expert BD5009 epilator, the manufacturer has taken it upon himself by offering you a 2-year warranty; which sums up the reliability of the device. This shows that the manufacturer is confident about his creation. He is absolutely right to do so because the majority of consumers of this device are delighted with the results it provides both in body care and in the face.

Be aware that giving a guarantee with this long duration is not very often obvious. You just have to see it on other devices that often have 1-year warranty or less, or not at all. You will therefore have before you a sufficient period of time to know the turns and contours of this device. And its mechanism is quite firm and competitive. So you have in front of you the Braun Silk-Expert BD5009. So have this device by your side to take advantage of its capabilities since in the event of a complication within the warranty period, you can return it to the sender. Once you’ve tried it on your skin, you won’t want to get rid of it.

High-cost device

When you are going to want to buy this beauty jewel, you will find that its price is a problem. This is because it is sold at a somewhat high price unlike products of the same species being in the same range. It is admittedly confirmed that it does a remarkable job, but the manufacturer should have upgraded it to the average level to be more accessible.

In addition, there are additional costs to buy you protective glasses which is very necessary so that the light system of this Braun Silk-Expert BD5009 cannot damage your eyes during its use, and this is strongly recommended on its instructions to ensure your safety. This is why the manufacturer has taken care to include warnings and contraindications on the instructions to allow you to better use this high quality depilatory device.

Content of the poor use guide

When you find a user guide in the container of a device or other products, it is precisely to have a better knowledge of its use. But when it comes to the Braun Silk-Expert BD5009, this is by no means the case. Nothing specific in its operating procedure is clearly stated. This is to lay bare the fact that if you are a person who has never used a hair removal device, you will not be able to quickly understand how this device works.

The manufacturer should have foreseen this because not everyone is a fan of hair removal. But for the regulars, it won’t be a problem at all as there isn’t a big difference. This is not to say that beginners should be discouraged because no adjustment is provided. The manufacturer has taken care to put control buttons on this device accompanied by the indicative icons.

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Thank you for reading this article

Having to deal with an epilator with intense pulsed light is a great relief for me because I no longer worry about epilating regularly. I have been using it for over six months and the results are already very visible. It must be said the Braun brand is very serious in the manufacture of its products and this epilator is very successful because it provides very interesting results. Give it a try and you wouldn’t want to do without it as I did. Bye-bye, the visible hair! If you ever have any other concerns, just send them to me at my email address

so that I can provide answers if needed.



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