Babyliss Ipro 230 – Test and review

If the straightening of hair in a hairdressing salon is almost irreproachable, it is not only because of the know-how of the hairdresser but also because he uses professional quality equipment. However, it is not very easy to go to the hairdresser on a daily basis because not only is it expensive, but it takes a lot of time. For this purpose, some manufacturers have designed hair straighteners so that they can be used by professionals in salons as well as by all hairdressing enthusiasts at home. In order not to make a regrettable choice among all these models of straighteners on the market, we recommend the babyliss ipro 230. It is a really practical device that is suitable for everyone and has several functions capable of meeting all your hairstyling expectations.

Babyliss Ipro 230 - Test and reviewIs the babyliss ipro 230 straightening iron recommended?

How not to recommend a device that allows you to have a sublime hairstyle in just a few minutes of use. The design is first of all very attractive and leaves no one indifferent, it has a mini screen on the side very important for the temperature control. It is a fairly practical device for everyday use with features that have nothing to envy to other classic straighteners. It has several temperature levels, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It is a straightener compatible with all types of hair especially since it is equipped with a steam function which allows a gentle straightening without damaging your hair. It is clear that it also has some small shortcomings like all other devices elsewhere, but that in no way detracts from the performance it has on a daily basis.

Straightening is a hairstyle that I do on a daily basis because I have quite curly hair and it is only straightening that allows me to highlight it. Just going to the salon every weekend had become painful for me not to mention the money I had to spend on each session. In addition, the hairstyle did not even last two days and I had to return to the salon during the week to achieve a new cut. But since I discovered the babyliss ipro 230 straightener on the internet I no longer have this kind of problem. I still had to save a lot of money to buy it because it is an expensive straightener but I do not regret my choice. It is a device that is worth the money and is better in the long run compared to all the money that you give to the hairdresser every week.

Beautiful design

It is true that the beauty of a straightener does not really matter much to the user because what matters most is the performance it has. Only having a device that you are going to use every day and that you might take anywhere needs to be a little attractive. It is certainly for this reason that the manufacturer has put special emphasis on the design of this device in order to make it irresistible. Indeed, the babyliss ipro 230 straighteners is really an accessory that does not go unnoticed by the public especially thanks to its purple color dotted with glitter.

It is, however, a device that is not very sophisticated and which remains quite simple on the whole and it is this color that comes to change everything to the beauty of the device. In addition, it has a fairly bright screen which makes it completely different from the others and which adds a little touch to its beauty.

Mini digital screen

namcraftedThe particularity of this model is certainly the presence of a screen because it is quite rare to see a straightener with an integrated screen. This straightener is truly worthy of a professional device because with all its features it is hard to believe that it can be used by everyone. The babyliss ipro 230 straighteners has a small digital screen on the side to allow you to control your settings with confidence.

It is a screen that helps you adjust and control the temperature of your straightener in order to easily select the one that meets your expectations. And it’s always through the same screen that you can see if the device is on or not while checking the water level as you style the hair. Some classic straighteners just have a light point to let you know that the device is working and it is not easy for you to have control over this kind of device.

Very practical device

Having a straightener at home is not easy because you will have to use it on your own without professional help and sometimes without the help of a family member. This is why ease of use matters a lot with such a device so that even while being you can use it without any problem. Well, that’s what the manufacturer of this Babyliss pro 230 straightening iron offers us, a very practical device for all consumers. First of all, to avoid burning your hair, the device switches off by itself after at least 60 minutes without use, which allows you to protect not only your hair but also your fingers.

In addition, it is a straightener which is equipped with a heat-resistant mat on which you will be able to place the heating device to avoid damaging your usual support. It has a rotating cord that gives you more movement and freedom when styling and with the retractable comb in three positions you can achieve different types of hairstyles.

Several temperature levels

namcraftedIn general, the straightener is a device that works with the help of heating because it is thanks to this heat that you manage to straighten your hair. However, many are these devices that operate with a single temperature that you are forced to withstand regardless of its degree of heating. It is exactly this difference that you will appreciate with the babyliss ipro 230 because unlike the others it is a device which is equipped with several different temperatures.

This is a very convenient method that allows you to choose the temperature that is right for you depending on your hair or the result you want to achieve. So you have the possibility to go from the highest temperature to the lowest one and vice versa. You can even switch from dry heat to moist heat using the water tank for added safety.

Compatible with all hair types

There are several types of hair but each one has a single type of hair therefore; what goes to one user is not necessarily what can go to another. The are sometimes chosen according to the hair but with this model no need to look at your hair style to buy this straightener. The babyliss ipro 230 is a straightener suitable for everyone and can be used on any hair. Whether your hair is long, short, tinted, curly, or curly, the straightener will easily meet all your expectations on a daily basis. It is a particular model a really powerful straightener which is ideal for styling all types of hair and which is also able to sublimate them without doing too much damage in its path.

namcraftedIntegrated steam function

The Babyliss ipro 230 is not a straightener like the others simply because it has unique and advanced functions. Among these functions, we can speak of the steam technology that is integrated into this model. Indeed, this straightener is equipped with a tank that will allow you to fill it with water and use the steam function if necessary. The device is therefore able to straighten your hair only from water vapor which is a very good way to straighten and maintain your hair at the same time.

The process is quite simple because the water vapor produces moist heat which is less coarse and which does not damage the hair unlike dry heat. With this function, which produces moist heat, you will be able to keep your hair hydrated on a daily basis while also providing them with incredible suppleness and shine.

High cost

The price of this straightener is not a big surprise for some users because when we look at its technical sheet we realize that it is a really solid and powerful device. But why all these devices having a great peculiarity are still out of the reach of some consumers. It is as if the manufacturer of this straightener made it only for a certain category of person, yet it is a very practical device that can be used by everyone. As much to tell you now, if you want this device to be part of your gadgets at home you are going to have to pay a large sum of money.

If you are planning to buy it and you do not have enough funds, you can start saving money now for a future purchase. Hoping that the designer of this device lowers its selling price so that everyone without exception can enjoy its goods made for the hair.

Small water tank

namcraftedThe use of water with this device is also another special feature of the babyliss ipro 230 straightening iron because not all models offer this advantage. Equipped with a water tank, the device allows you to use wet heating so as not to damage your hair. Only a problem arises with the size of this tank because it is too small to allow you to introduce a large amount of water. Therefore you will have to refill the device several times during use; which is not really practical, especially when you are short of time. For those who have short hair it is still passable because in two fillings you will have finished styling your hair. On the other hand,

A little heavy

The babyliss ipro 230 is a device that is initially naturally heavy and since the tank is embedded in the straightener, in addition to the initial weight, the weight of the water must be supported. This is what poses a real problem when using this device because after holding the device in your hand for just a few minutes you already have cramps. However, a device that everyone can use on their own does not have to be so heavy. Although even for a professional it is not practical especially when it comes to styling long hair, it is quite tiring. By dint of using the straightener every day, it will give you a little bodybuilding session each time.

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This babyliss ipro 230 straighteners is a fairly powerful device that has features that you will really appreciate throughout its use. It is unique and special at the same time with the accessories it has to make its use more practical and pleasant. This is why if you have a budget that allows you to have it, I strongly advise you not to hesitate because it is a quality device despite its small flaws. This straightener in addition to styling well also helps you protect the hair against burns, which is why it is suitable for everyone and for all hair types. Also if you need more details or have any concerns, I remain available and open to any discussion. You can send me an email through my email address

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